Springfield Special School in Crewe Kick-Start their Self-Defence with Martial Arts

Springfield Special School in Crewe Kick-Start their Self-Defence with Martial Arts

Springfield Special School in Crewe Kick-Start their Self-Defence with Martial Arts

Hardworking students at Springfield School are celebrating after achieving their first Martial Arts belts through TGA Martial Arts training.

Springfield School upper school and sixth form students worked on their self defence, fitness and confidence when they progressed through a six week course delivered in the familiar surroundings of the school's sports hall.

All 20 students valiantly achieved their first martial arts purple belt in their final week where their progress was tested by TGA Martial Arts Academy Centre CEO, Mr Glasheen.  

Springfield School, based in Crewe caters for learners with complex special educational needs.  They invited TGA Martial Arts to their school to deliver the course in a familiar environment for the learners. 

TGA Martial Arts Instructor, Miss Powell, met with the students on a weekly basis where they worked on their basic flexibility, moving on to being able to defend themselves from a 'grab' situation.

Juraj Copak, 18 from Crewe, is one of the students in the group who has achieved his purple belt.  He said: "I've really loved the martial arts classes.  We've learnt lots of new things like how to release from a grab and how to stay safe.

"It's been really good fun as well! I hope that we can do more and my aim is to work towards completing my black belt!"

Springfield Teacher, Greg Wood, said: "Our learners have progressed tremendously across this course, starting with basic and moved on to doing kicks and celebrating the success of getting their first belt! They are all very proud about doing so well.

"They've progressed quickly because the sessions have been so much fun. They've all been going away each week and practising between lessons and looking forward to the next session, it has been hard work but has supported them in building their confidence. 

“Many of the students will be using the activity as part of their Physical Skills for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award"

TGA Martial Arts Instructor, Miss Powell, said: "We have been delighted to come out to Springfield School to deliver this programme and make it accessible to these learners who may not access the mainstream martial arts classes.

"The students have all been so enthusiastic throughout the course and progressed at a really fast rate, which has been shown today with all learners achieving their first belt!"

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